5| Nutrition

4| Education

3| Micro-Business 

2| Orphanages

1| Wells

 In Niger, less than 10% of children will go on to graduate from a high school (secondary) education. We provide financial support to 7 schools, 2 of which are grades K-12. The other 5 are working to expand to K-12 as well.

We support a nutrition and medical clinic, about 20 miles outside of Niamey (the captial city). The staff gives care to an average of 5,000-6,000 people a month, mostly women and children from surrounding villages. In Nigerien culture, extended healthcare is not commonly provided to pregnant women, beyond the moment they are delivering their child. Hundreds of pregnant women come to this clinic each week to be given healthcare that they couldn’t get anywhere else. Thousands of malnourished children are rescued from life-threatening problems. And then these families are taught about basic hygiene that can save them from disease, tapeworms and other parasites. We are currently working to help them build a $120,000 extended-stay, maternity building.

Good jobs and training are very difficult to find in Niger. The vast majority of Nigeriens grow up without much education, so their skill sets are very limited. We help missionaries that teach local Nigeriens a trade (like sewing, carpentry, etc.) so that they find work or start a small business to support their families.

For about $500, a well can be dug that can supply clean water for the next 50 years to a small village, a school and its neighborhood, or to an orphanage.

We contribute support to 2 orphanages and a daycare (with 4 locations) that care for hundreds and hundreds of children in need. Unfortunately, many of these children die while in their care because they do not have access to the funding and resources needed to save their lives.