Manifest, a strategic marketing and creative services agency specializing in motorsports marketing, announced the release of two new marketing packages aimed at the Cooper Tires Presents The Champ Car Atlantic Championship. Manifest’s clients include Champ Car, the Grand Prix of Denver, and RuSPORT. Mazda and junior formula racers provide the power.

The first is a set of pre-produced marketing collateral pieces for Champ Car Atlantic racers and teams to aid in the quest for commercial agreements. The main collateral is a 12-page book that covers all of the series’ basic marketing components, such as background and history, the 2007 schedule, and an overview of marketing opportunities with demographic and statistical data to back it up. The materials can then be semi-customized to include the driver and team information. Samples can be found at

The goal is to create quality, professional marketing materials comparable to those used by elite race teams but at a cost that is more in keeping with the Atlantic series budget. Atlantic series contestants could get access to collateral materials that would be several times more expensive if they were one-of-a-kind works, starting at $2000.

“By standardizing the design and content, we can provide materials that are comparable in quality to those we would provide for larger budget operations at a lower cost.” “It’s not the same as a tailored piece, but it’s still quite strong,” said Manifest’s Aaron Justus, himself a former Atlantic racer. “I wish something like this had been available while I was racing,” says the author.

Atlantic Series Managing Director Vicki O’Connor has given the materials her approval.

“Manifest has created some genuinely fantastic materials for the Champ Car Atlantic series, and we encourage every team and driver looking for sponsorship to contact Manifest for their marketing materials,” O’Connor stated.

The second service is pre-built web pages offered to racers and teams of all levels. Manifest has been able to drastically lower the cost of a high-quality website by using the same principle of standardizing the framework and basic design with two options to select from that can then be semi-customized. The site includes an Information Management System that allows the site owner to update content as needed in a flawless system without web design expertise.

The essential web components are included, including an image gallery, news, about, schedules, results, and more. Additional details can also be included.

stalwarts of Formula 2000 Cape Motorsports was the first company to purchase a newly constructed land.

“The Manifest pre-built site is simply right for us, and it fits within a very fair price.” Others may sell similar things, but the Manifest site “looks and feels like an expensive, big-time site,” according to Cape co-founder Nicholas Cape.

Manifest is a motorsports-focused strategic marketing and creative services firm. Champ Car, RuSPORT, Lime Rock Park, SCCA, Grand Prix of Denver, and A1GP Team USA are just a few of the clients. Visit to learn more about Manifest and any of these materials.